How can empathy influence your world?

I still remember that class. I was in seventh and had value education period. The teacher came and asked a simple question, what people do when they visit a place where someone died, and a very obvious answer came up. People go and give them sympathy. The teacher next asked what sympathy is. And again a very obvious answer came; it’s the feeling of pity and sorrow. Another question and the class was silent, do they need sympathy or do they want the support and understanding?

That was the first time I heard the word ‘EMPATHY’.

Oxford Dictionary meaning: “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

But its essence is more than just about feeling. Empathy is like a fruit bouquet having all the fruitful health in the world. Empathy is like that twinkling star at night, which beautifies our dark life. Empathy is not saying “we are sorry for your loss.”, instead of saying, “How can I make you happy?”

There was this very famous advertisement I saw online, where the young boy helped everyone he met on his way, and he went on doing this forever. But what fruit did he get in return is a question whose answer is beautifully portrayed in it. He got happiness, he got a loyal friend, he got unlimited blessings, and he got a life.

It’s a cycle. What goes around comes around. Or karma hits you harder. Or karma never loses an address.

So now you know the meaning of empathy. You know an example of how an empathetic person acts. Next dimension of this article is how empathy plays its game and how it induces a change in our lives.

We all know about the 26th November 2011 Mumbai terrorist attack. No one is ignorant of the grief and sorrow nation experienced. But let’s see it from a broader aspect. How much support and help did the world give? The news and sympathetic statements were given by almost every nation, but only a few came up to support. Don’t you think the world would have been a better place to live if the people living in it were more empathetic? If we start thinking from someone else’s perspective, so many wars and grapple would end forever. If we understand that humanity is one nation that connects the whole world, peace and harmony is something we all will experience. That’s the power of wearing empathy, stronger than any nuclear bomb for sure.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-01 at 22.53.04

People are categorized as followers or leaders. And followers always have this question, as to why the other person is a leader and not them. And one major justification to it is they just don’t act selfishly. They understand and listen to the team. They understand the problems of each individual and do everything to help them. If the boss of the company is not empathetic, the company will slowly decline, because this world is an interdependent world and alone we are mere stones. So, more you walk towards empathy, the better leader you are, and better leaders you will generate.

The WHO estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Strange isn’t it? We say this place is a happy place to live and still so many people each year die due to sadness and depression. Happiness is the best gift you can give to anyone, sadly, not many people share this gift these days. Heedless attitude and the hunger of acquiring more and more deteriorate relationships and health of people. Can’t we keep it simple? Be happy by making others happy. Next time when you are with anyone, try to be more empathetic, understand what makes them smile, and see the amount of health you get. Yes! Empathy gifts you health as its proficient fruit.

So today before sleeping, don’t count the money you made during the day, instead count how many people’s lives you made better, by just becoming +++ empathetic.

And and and ….. Before going, remember

“When you start to develop powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.”

-Susan Sarandon


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