When you Meet your Twin

Somewhere deep inside the oceans of the Bermuda Triangle, I was gulping another ship. Humans are strange you see. They fear death to that extent, that they possibly try everything to avoid it, not realising it’s a black hole which will someday swallow them.

It was my kingdom. The waters of the Bermuda Triangle touched my feet. But with the growing fears of humans, I was getting less. Hence I wanted my land to be bigger, better and huge. I was never satisfied with the ships I conquered. I wanted far more each day.

That was one such evening. I was waiting for my food. Metal. Ship. Humans. Walking past the roads of my place, I saw some light from above. It flickered and then it was blank. I have always been very adamant in my approach, and something new has never failed to fascinate me. I paddled towards the darkness that was calling me, unaware everything will change thereafter.

I mentioned regarding the black hole. But one thing that I forgot to write was, black holes don’t just captivate humans. I always believed that my dynasty was the evilest among the waters. And it was.

As I was moving forward, a vibe of connectivity filled my soul. The reason for it was in front of me. Bulks of metal, wrecked ships and skeletons were there. I saw a province larger than mine. I felt very competitive. All the hunger went away when I saw the iron throne, conquered by me.

Me? I was on the other side of the throne. Who was it then? Getting a bit close, I figured out completely, it was me who wasn’t me. The other me did not say a word instead just pointed towards the other dark hole. With no option to step back, I moved further. Next hole. The bigger province. More metal. More wreckages. Next to the next hole. The bigger province. More metal. More wreckages. It never ended. But at one fine hole, I stopped. I screamed and asked who was it?

A silence.

The answer came. “Your twin, the name is HUNGER.”

“Hunger, which keeps on growing. You may be evil. But I am the evilest.”

“You may have thought that you kill the humanity. The truth is, you are a part of me. A mere part. My little twin!”

I wasn’t scared. This just opened my eyes. I knew I was the one creating Hunger. The more I want, the bigger hunger will grow. It all got cleared in my mind. I just swam back to my land and learnt one thing that stayed with me forever.



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