Summing life in two words

Success and failure, since birth

You win, you live

You lose, you give

Your life to them

Superhumans? A misnomer

Identical hands, identical calibre

The game-changing card is one

Follow inanity or be an inspiration…

Life is that complex web of series that sometimes it takes a whole life to understand this life. Pretty interesting isn’t it?


We all know the story of the hare-tortoise race and how the tortoise challenged the hare to have a race with him and how with his persistence and hard work he ended up winning the race.  With this we got the moral of slow and steady winning the race. But ever thought what if the tortoise didn’t think of being able to defeat the hare? Would there be any race? Would there be any success for the tortoise? Of course not. It was all about the magic of thinking big that helped the tortoise in succeeding.

Often times, throughout our lives we live in self-doubt. We think others are smarter, others are more hardworking, others are more intelligent, others are healthier and hence others are better. But who are these others? They are simply the people who were able to fulfil their dreams. The people who are not better, but only thought 10 times bigger. Our mind has nothing to do with our intellect, or our body size or our resources. If you think you can beat the best, you can beat the best. Because even the best have better.

Once there lived a beggar who worked hard for his living. His mother used to work as a house-maid. The poor man then sets off a goal to buy his mother a bungalow one day. Every day he used to leave the house and went to different places and kept telling himself, ‘ I need to buy my mother a bungalow’. One day some men from the archaeological department stepped at his doorstep and told him that they detected the presence of some valuable metal at that place. When they went inside they saw sacks of money which had some historic artefacts worth billions. When asked the beggar about it, he said, “I don’t know anything except that I worked hard because I just knew I had to make my mother a bungalow.”

All this while we have heard Beggars can’t be choosers. But what if beggars don’t even know they can’t choose. What if beggars dare to dream just like people who are wealthy? We focus so much on trivialities that we forget to see the big picture. We live in an environment that is continuously trying to pull us down. People keep on telling us that there are little opportunities for us because we are average. Or instead they will talk about traditional thinking of what we do is already pre-written and that whatever happens is all destined to happen.

So to be the big fish, keep all this negativity away from yourself and take a first positive step towards success, happiness and satisfaction. Sell yourself to self at a very high rate of worth, because you are worth. Form an image of the best this life can deliver and work on it with persistence and perseverance. Because what you think is what you become.

If whole life we would have thought about staying on land, no one would have ever made an aeroplane. If the sky would have been the limit, there would have been no footstep at the moon. If you think of becoming the second someone, you will never get the view from the top. If you will keep on counting hundreds and thousands, you will never hear the chinking of millions and billions. So make your mind a temple of big thoughts and not the warehouse of facts. Because you have the power to change the life you live with your thoughts. And with is if,

You think you can do it

Next comes how you will do it

Next comes 10 more steps to do it

And then one day…

You did it.


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