Do It!

You see how unsatisfactory humans are. Different choices, different states, different opinions and extremely different dreams. But the only thing that stays a constant is Unsatisfied.

Well, maybe there is no one to blame for this, except for the culture we live in. A culture where not adopting your families stereotypes is a social stigma, and if we protest, we are either disowned or married. Wow! What a rich culture.

As the centuries are passing, everything is changing. The colour of the sky, the type of trees that grow on the roadside, the shape of the houses we live in, the food we eat, the clothes we wear. So why not change the traditions we follow? Why not change the profession we want to adopt?  

To the older generations

Do you not love to dance? Do you not love to read books, or even newspaper? Do you not listen to breath-taking music? Well you do! Everyone does. The only thing that needs to be mentioned here is: you want to do everything in your free time because your life is all about a secure 9 to 5 job that pays you well. And hence, that’s what you expect your younger generation to do. Play safe.

Let me ask you. If every family out there thinks and follows the same pattern, how will the things you love to do move forward? Whose dance videos will make your feet tap? Which articles, blogs, books will set an example for the future generation? A full stop is all you old people with rigid minds are adopting.

It would not be wrong to say, that everyone must understand the transience of the traditional mindset and need to grow with time.

If I want to write, I will. I will go anywhere, where the world will accept me as a writer and let me be me.

Whole life they kept saying: you need to make money because that’s the goal. But what if that’s not the goal? What if the goal for me is to be able to have a sound sleep at night or to be able to write my best book.
This is a call to everyone who wants to have something more meaningful from life. Please do it. Don’t let any tradition or relation take it away from you. You owe your small life an explanation of each moment you invested in something you didn’t want.

Make a plan, and execute it.

You are not a puppet, so choose your story’s end yourself.

Happy New Year….


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