Motivation to Start Writing

Often times I come across questions that I really feel like answering in detail. However, due to the crunch of time, there are times you just can’t tell all. So, today I decided to come up with one of the most common questions, “How can I write better?” or “Teach me how to write.” and all the similar ones!

Not taking much time of your busy schedule, this time I planned to explain you the writing tips through an infographic. (Scroll Up!)

I hope this helped! But what more can be added to it?

A lot many for sure. But in the end, it is just one thing that sums it all,

Write! Write! Write! Write whenever you can. And writing doesn’t always mean having a pen and paper, your notes application in your phone can also help you write. Start using it!

Attended a meeting? Write MOM (Minutes of Meeting) of it after that, which will not only help you remember what were the learnings or deadlines but it will also induce a flow of writing in you, eventually. Compare your first MOM to the 7th or maybe the 8th MOM, and you will see the difference.

No one is born as a writer, but trust me everyone is a writer.

Have more questions? You know where to ask! 🙂


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